Self-disclosure v.s. Oversharing

February 22, 2021

Where is the line between positive self-disclosure and oversharing?

Self-disclosure helps develop close relationships.

Revealing your values, goals, beliefs, past mistakes and fears can accelerate deeper feelings of intimacy.

Researchers found that
💡 Disclosure has a more positive effect when it occurs in an ongoing relationship
💡 Revealing deeper truths about yourself is more likely to produce a sense of closeness than just disclosing a greater volume of information
💡 Interpersonal intimacy is greatest when disclosures are reciprocal. There needs to be turn-taking and a natural sense of deepening.

To manage the right level of self-disclosure, I see this a challenge in developing authenticity in leadership.

How much do you disclose about yourself in your professional network?

Are you benefiting from it to build stronger relationships?

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