How to effectively introduce yourself in 30 secs?

February 22, 2021

Many are in clubhouse now. It’s an amazing platform for expanding network and learning from thought leaders about almost anything.

I’ve joined only for a week and I’m still exploring the best practices.

Being in the sales profession for many years, I’m not shy to pitch on the stage. What I found different is, it is not the stage for 100% business elevator pitch. Without eye contact or visual aids, people are still interested in “Who you are” before “What you do”.

Here is a flow I have summarized for a 30-sec self-introduction on voice only (especially at Clubhouse):

1. Greet the audience. Thank the moderators by addressing their names. It would be a common courtesy at Clubhouse.

2. Start with your name, your location, your personal value and expertise.

3. Talk about what you do and what values you can add to your network (why should they connect with you?)

4. Be clear about your objective and call to action (what do you want the audience to do?)

5. Thank the audience and thank the moderators again.

Are you on Clubhouse already?

Let’s connect there @kellyjorritsma.

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