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March 1, 2016

The last time I visited Luxembourg was in 2009. It was a day trip as tourist and I can barely remember anything from it.

Today I am back for client meetings, and it’s time to make some exploration in the city center.

Found the shop DeLux as specialist retailer of  Lampe Berger Paris. They carry the latest collection and complete range of the scents which you can always test there. 

They also carry a wide range of candles and household fragrances. The owner was warm & friendly. He can absolutely give you a very good recommend if you are looking for gift ideas.   

In the square nearby, there are various dinner options. Aka Cite is situated on the first floor of the library. Modern interior with relaxed atmosphere. Sushi was really good. Desert was fantastic too. Recommend!



ADDRESS : 3, rue Genistre L-1623 Luxembourg


TELEPHONE : [+352] 20 33 22 45

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